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Douglas Machine Axiom Case Packer Case Packers / Douglas Machine Axiom Case Packer

Douglas Machine Axiom Case Packer

Equipment Description

Twin Pick And Place Heads 9 over 9 Twin Pack or 12 Pack With Card Separator Placer for Twin Pack Nordson Pro Blue 10 Hot Melt Unit Electrical Control Cabinet Allen Bradley Panel View Touch Screen These machines were used for the loading of 4,6,12,18 packs of Yogurt. The pick and place units are capable of doing a double stack. The style of packaging is wrap around. It is a stationary presentation where the Flat sheets are formed around the placed Product and Glued (hot melt) closed. Servo pick and place Vacuum pick up heads can be re tooled for different product sizes. The Wrap around carton is the same. Carton size varies from product to product. The listings do include some infeed and exit conveyor.



Asset Number 2190
Manufacturer Douglas Machine
Model Axiom
  • For-Sale
Year 2005
Serial Number M-106011
Dimensions Length - 468in. Width - 108in. Height - 120in.
Electricity 480v 60hz 3ph
Shipping Weight