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2010 Watec CI250-2 RO System Water Treatment Systems / RO Systems / 2010 Watec CI250-2 RO System

2010 Watec CI250-2 RO System

Equipment Description

New Never Used, 250,000 Gallons Per Day, Protec Membrane Vessels, 15 Stage Pumping System with a 200HP Motor, 316L Stainless Steel Construction, Ultra Pure Water for Phar, Process Water for Food and Beverage or Desalination of sea water at 250,000 GPD



Asset Number 374
Manufacturer Watec
Model CI250-2
  • Sold
Year 2010
Serial Number CI250-0006
Dimensions 43'6"L X 16' X 18' 4"
Speed 250000 GPD
Electricity 460v 60hz 3ph
Shipping Weight