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8 D2 2410We provide appraisals of industrial equipment or complete multi-million dollar plants to satisfy the requirements of banks, insurance companies, mergers/acquisitions, leasing companies, and owner financing. Our certified staff appraiser has decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. You can count on us to provide honest and realistic numbers that support our ultimate goal: to build a long-term relationship with you.

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Asset Management (SAM)

Manufacturing companies should be focused on using bottling equipment, packaging equipment and processing equipment to create and market great products. Managing surplus equipment assets detracts from your core capabilities. Beverage Industries specializes in preparing and selling idle assets to maximize return on original investments. We offer you the only customizable and secure web-based asset management program focused solely on food and beverage equipment. SAM provides fast access to multiple layers of managers within an organization to easily request, approve, and authorize transactions electronically. It allows us to:
• Post equipment through individual or bulk uploading in Microsoft® Excel or Word
• Locate/track equipment on the web with secure login
• Automatically send “redeploy” requests to high-level plant and project managers for approval or rejection
• Automatically send “sell equipment” requests, converting assets to "LIVE" status for sale on the open market
• Automatically generate reports for requests/approvals to redeploy or sell equipment

Plant Liquidations

Beverage Industries is known for returning top dollar for plant machinery and equipment. We are the food and beverage industry leader in turn-key liquidation of entire plants, as well as equipment liquidation on an "asset-by-asset" basis. In the past 35 years, we have liquidated and removed processing and used packaging equipment from over 500 U.S. plants that bottle soft drinks, water, dairy products, tea, juice, wine, beer and contract packaging facilities. Your options include liquidation through private treaty sale, sealed bid sale, or live auction with Internet bidding capability. Line liquidations can be executed without interrupting manufacturing processes.
You can opt to “consignment sell” or “outright sell” your production equipment, delivery trucks, forklifts, vending equipment, and other assets. We provide the logistics, cleaning, skidding, and loading for you. Our rigging and removal services ensure careful equipment extraction without building damage.


We know you’re looking for more than great equipment. Your success depends on locating and purchasing the right equipment and parts for optimum integration into your production facility. Some of our competitors only have one engineer on the payroll. We, on the other hand, have formed strategic alliances with world-class independent experts who have decades-long experience in solving problems and maximizing opportunities. Count on us for engineering excellence to help get you up and running without surprises.

Warehousing & Consignment

Our 250,000+ square feet of covered industrial warehouse and consignment space in Cheraw, S.C. has it all:
• Four dock-high doors
• A covered area to load or unload in bad weather
• Forklift capacities ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 pounds
• Weekly customer visits for inspecting machinery
• Electricians, carpenters, millwrights, and inventory managers to "power up," inventory, skid, and crate for export any type of machinery or equipment.

We offer approved consignments of quality equipment with minimal consignor costs, determined by quantity of assets and space allocation. Machinery is properly tagged and staged in the consignment section of the warehouse for easy identification and tracking.