2001 Linker Tri-Block Rinser Filler Capper

2001 Linker Tri-Block Rinser Filler Capper



TriBlock Machine with 60 Head Inverter Rinser, 72 Filling Valves with 7/16" valves, 20 Head Cap in Head Capper setup on 28mm plastic caps. All Stainless Steel. Set on ½ liter PET water bottle with 28mm cap. Neck support. Easy Changeover. 4 1/8” centers on valves, AB Micro logix PLC. Syntron cap sorter. Includes all guards and covers. Unit currently dismantled / in storage, Ready for shipment. Good Condition.


Asset Number 2524
Manufacturer Linker
Model RFC 60-72-20
Year 2001
Serial Number
Dimensions Installed 15 Feet x 15 Feet x 8 Feet Tall ( Ships 8ft Wide)
Speed Up to 700 BPM
Electricity 460 Volts, 3PH, 60HZ
Shipping Weight

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